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We understand that while you make this very important decision of your life to study abroad you consider many factors, like university reputation, program quality, faculty, cost, location , infrastructure and very importantly RANKINGS!

To help you make an informed decision, we present to you the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-12, one the most widely read and respected rankings of universities across the world. The featured institutions on the list are well regarded across the world for offering world class programs and producing excellent research and development work. These school's have constantly supplied many eminent world leaders, noted noble laureates and top CEO's of forture 500 companies.

The universities ranked amongst the top 400 in the world by THE World University Rankings 2011- 2012 are as follows:


                                        By Rank                     By Country

                                        1 -100                        Australia

                                        101-200                     UK   

                                        201-300                     USA  

                                        301-400                     New Zealand


New Zealand Universities ranked amongst Top 400

World Rank University Name
173 University of Auckland
201-225 University of Otago
251-275 Victoria University of Wellington
301-350 University of Canterbury
351-400 Massey University

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